Uppiti is a way to update your product data on TecDoc - quickly.

Once updated, it's live - there's no waiting for upload schedules to run. Your customers will be accessing your latest data in real time.

Uppiti works with you by allowing you to maintain your data within the familiar environs of a spreadsheet. When you’re ready to carry out an update, you upload your spreadsheet to our secure website and we take it from there. Your data will be live within hours, not days or weeks.

Uppiti in more detail

Uppiti allows you to update your product data onto TecDoc in real time. All your product data, attributes and linkages are kept within a single Excel workbook. You and your team can collaborate to get all your product information in one place and once you’re ready to upload, you simply log into our secure website and upload your spreadsheet.

Uppiti will then run checks to make sure that everything is in order and then starts the upload process. Uppiti connects directly to the TecAlliance Instant Data Processing API and publishes your data to the TecDoc Catalogue.

If there are any issues, a full log of the upload is supplied to you so that you can deal with them and go through the simple upload process again.

Working with

We're always ready to help and answer any questions you might have.


Based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Phone: 0402 691 755
Email: mark@uppiti.com.au 

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